Adam Irubor

I am an accomplished musician who lives in Sugar Land, but has traveled extensively. When I am not teaching or studying music, I love to attend concerts, play my instruments, or attend football and other sport events. I love classical music, as well as Jazz and Blues. The best part of teaching is helping students realize their potential in music performance.


B.A. Music, Houston Baptist University (2005-2012)
Outstanding Pianist Award, Houston Baptist University (2012)
Outstanding Violinist awards, Houston Baptist University (2012)


Teacher, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2008-present)
Teacher, West Oaks Music Center, Houston (2008-2010)
Teacher, Rockin' Robin, Houston (2010-2012)
Teacher, Colony Music, Houston (2006-2012)


Ahmed Yaqot

I am a highly energetic and enthusiastic individual, trained as a teacher of music. I love creating music programs and working with various television stations in performing music for plays. My native language is Arabic, but, my English is very good. I am dedicated to providing the best music education for all students of any age.


Master of Music Degree, Conservatory of Baghdad (1993-1998)
Instructor of Music Degree, Baghdad University (1999-2002)


Teacher, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2015-present)
Musician & Performer, Jordan TV, Jordan, Amman (2009-2013)
Instructor of Music, Rosary College, Jordan, Amman (2003-2009)
Musician & Performer, Baghdad TV, Baghdad, (1993-2002)

Alexandra (Ali) Friedman

I am an Arizona State University honors graduate with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Viola Performance. I have over five years of teaching experience at Arizona State University with string projects, in addition to giving music lessons at multiple studios, and to students in Spain and Peru. I have a passion for serving people who are impoverished.


B.M. Viola Performance, Arizona State University, Barrett, the Honors College (2011-2015)
Arizona School for the Arts (2007-2011)


Teacher, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston, Texas (2016-present)
Private Violin-Viola Instructor, Catalonia, Spain (2015)
Private Violin-Viola Instructor, Hi-Tone Music Studio (2014-2016)
Private Violin-Viola Instructor, Arizona State University (2011-2013)


Ava Nasrollahi

I am an excellent teacher for beginner and intermediate violin students. I am very excited about the opportunity to share my knowledge, skill, and love of music. I am a bright, outgoing young lady with a sweet disposition. My attention to detail, and my positive attitude, encourages my students to work hard in improving their musical skills.


Violinist, Clements High School (2010-2016)
Violinist, First Colony Middle School (2007-2010)
Student Fort Bend Music Center (2009-2013)


Teacher, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston, Texas (2015-present)
Private Tutor, Clements High School, Sugar Land (2011-present)
Private Tutor, First Colony Middle School, Sugar Land (2011-present)
Violinist for Mark Wood Band (2013-2014)


Bob Suttie

I have sung and played music since the late 50’s. While in high school, I was chosen for the all-state orchestra and all-state choir. I have directed four different church choirs and played cello in the Sugar Land Symphony Orchestra (now the Fort Bend Symphony). I play many instruments and appreciates many kinds of music.


Coached by Bobby Jones Czech Band (1989-2007)
Mackinac College, Michigan, (1968-1969)
B.A. Elem Ed, Metropolitan State College, Denver (1974)
MA Education, Prairie View A&M Univ (1988)


Teacher, Ft. Bend Music Center, Houston (2013-present)
Teacher, Westlake Lutheran Prep Academy, Katy, TX (2010-present)
Director, Fist Colony Home School Ensembles (2011-present)
Band Leader, Czech Polka Band, Houston (2007-present)


Chandra Phu

As a piano and violin teacher, I love working with children and adults of all ages. Teaching music allows me to use my skills and experience to the fullest. I have 16 years of piano performance, 16 years of music theory instructions, and 8 years of violin performance. I am currently a violinist at Friendswood United Methodist Church.


University of Houston (2009-2012)
European Conservatory of Music, Liceo, Barcelona (2006-2008)


Teacher, Ft. Bend Music Center, Houston (2015-present)
Violinist, Friendswood United Methodist Church (2007-present)


Gloria Martinez

I started taking music lessons when I was eleven years old. I lived in Crosby, Texas, and loved playing the piano. Although classical music is my preference, romantic and jazz compositions are very dear to my heart. My favorite composers are Stravinsky, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, and Mozart. When I am not teaching, I relax by attending broadway shows, operas, and ball.


Music Education, University of Houston (1990)
Music Education, San Jacinto College, Pasadena, TX (1987-1989)


Fort Bend Music Center, Houston, Texas (2015-present)
Music Instructor, Several Churches (2001-2008)
Music Instructor, Crosby High School (1999-2001)
Music Instructor, Kingwood Music School (1996-2000
Music Instructor, Albright Middle School (1995-1998)
Music Instructor, LaPorte High School (1992-1993)


Laura Pratt

I graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Music Education and All-level Teaching Certificate. I love to teach voice and piano and is also proficient in woodwind instruments. My hobbies are gardening, reading, and playing with my grandchildren. My favorite music styles include Pop, Classical, Broadway, Christian, and Country. I loves to teach music to children because it broadens their minds and challenges them to excel to their highest potential.


B.Music Ed, Baylor University (1969)
Music Instrument Course, Baylor Univ (1972)
Director of Music, Various Churches (all life)


Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2008-present)
Teacher, Alief ISD (1997-2007)
Teacher, Pearland ISD (2003-2007)
Teacher, Hillsborough ISD, Florida (1986-1993)


Norman Stewart

I started taking music lessons when I was only 5 years of age, in the town of Dusseldorf, Germany. I started teaching music lessons as a teenager. I love to see the students progress. I have written over 500 songs, so, I am considered a workaholic. I like listening to Bebop and classical guitar music. When I am not busy, I like to relax by writing more songs.


Graduate Work, Music/Theatre, University of Houston (1995)
Music Major, Washington University, St. Louis, MO (1975-1979)
Theatrical Certification, HB Studios, New York (1998)


Music Instructor, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2015-present)
Music Instructor, Percussion Center, Houston (2010)
Private Instructor, Stewart Music School, Houston (2005-2008)
Music Instructor, Evans Music City, Houston (1998-2008)
Music Instructor, H&H Music Co, Houston (1990-1995)


Paul Williams

I love teaching music lessons and imparting musical knowledge to new students. I starting taking music lessons at a very young age in London, England. Although I teach all genres of music, I am partial to blues, rock, and jazz. I teach piano, guitar, strings, voice, and drums. In my spare time, I perform with various groups all over the city of Houston.


Sound Engineering Certification, School of Sound Engineering (SAE), London, England (1987)


Music Instructor, Fort Bend Music Center, Houston (2016-present) Music Instructor, Groves Music School, Houston (2016-present) Music Instructor, Joyful Music School, Rosenberg, Tx (2015-2016) Music Instructor, Taylor Robinson Music School, Houston (2015-2016) Guitar Performer, Front Cover Band, Shreveport, LA (2011-2015) Guitar Performer, Jake Walker Blues Band, Europe (2008-2010)